ROLE: Design Lead + Photography + Art Direction 

AGENCY: Engler Design Studio




Sweet Pine Farm has been a family business for over 135 years.  In 2019 the farm was selected to be featured as the host farm for the Eau Claire Breakfast in the Valley.  The event highlights farmers in the dairy industry and all the hard work they put into the dairy products that grace our tables daily.  I was asked to create a logo and entry sign for the farm event.  I wanted to keep the logo clean and modern and highlight the barn that was built on the homestead. 


Wanted to showcase the barn that was built by their grandfather,



Pine Trees

The farm was named Sweet Pine Farm because their great - great grandmother always said she loved the smell of the pine trees on the homestead.

Seen and Herd...


Marketing 101 says that viral marketing (word of mouth) is the most powerful form of marketing. Potential customers will take a friend's recommendation over a Google search any day! By being active in social media and in your community, networking with others in your industry, building genuine relationships with those people - THAT is the best marketing. To keep the momentum going after the Breakfast in the Farm Event, I had the farm create social media accounts and helped them create a series of online campaign images to be shared and published throughout the year.  The farm now has many followers and they have regular visitors at their produce and egg stand thought the year.  



I created simple stickers options to place on the various food / produce options they offer throughout the year.  I also created a sticker that they could use to mark the collect date on their eggs. Custom carton options were also created for produce.