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I strive to provide a better design partnership experience. My goal is to provide you and your business with the best work possible within your budget. When you choose Engler Design, you not only work directly with the designer but also the owner, salesperson, and developer. There is no grey area in communication and you know who is managing your project. 

Below is a sample of the steps your project will follow and what you can expect from me along the way.



Consultations included stepping back and taking a look at what is working, what isn't, and what will help accomplish future goals.

During this initial meeting, we will talk about your business and your goals.  We will discuss what you want for your brand/project and initial thoughts in person, over the phone, or via Skype. This is our opportunity to get to know one another by asking the right questions to make sure we're a good fit. It also helps us clarify the short term and long term goals.  Clear communication and good listening skills are key to a strong partnership.



Through a series of questions, we explore the goals and details of your project, along with design and communication preferences, so I can deliver a design solution tailored to your specific needs.

I will have you fill out a design questionnaire just so I can get a full understanding of your design aesthetic and preferences.  If it is an existing business, I often take a look at your current marketing materials, business location, website, vehicles, internal documents, art on the walls, team apparel, products and packaging... anything and everything that is currently representing your business visually.

The brief includes WHAT is being designed, WHEN it's needed, WHO it's for, HOW it's going to be used, and WHY you're doing it (what you hope to accomplish).



Based on the information gathered, I put together a detailed proposal including the scope of work, cost, timeline, and deliverables for you to review. Once approved, you sign the contract and design work begins.



Depending on the contract, I deliver one or several rounds of design concepts for you to review. You then provide feedback and I finesse the design until we've reached a final solution that you're happy with.

Need to change the timeline or scope of work during the project? No problem! A change order can be issued to amend the contract. Throughout the project, all communication is preferred to be done via email, as I find it's the most efficient method of communication throughout a project.



Once every design has been approved, I will finalize your new designs and you receive a variety of file types as specified in the contract (including the packaged native artwork files) via a file transfer website or USB. Once final payment has been made on contract, you own the full rights to the files and may use them for display, reproduction, or future adaptations.



If the project is a print-based piece, before we go to final print I will go over print options and printing proofs.  

I have worked directly with print shops for almost 4 years and speak their language. While you are responsible for contracting printing services, I can recommend local printing companies, solicit quotes, and send your press-ready files to print.

Tip: Before printing your project, it's critical you receive a proof from the printer to ensure you're happy with the outcome. Most printers provide proofs free of charge and it could save you hundreds of dollars by avoiding a costly reprint.



Upon completion of the project, you will receive an invoice via email for payment upon receipt.

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