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ROLE: Design Lead + Art Direction

AGENCY: Engler Design


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As with every branding project that I undertake, the name and the look of the logo become the basis of everything else that  I design. The owner wanted to create an app called "GrillPix".   The idea came from the fact that men "love" to share what they grill with each other.  It's all about bragging rights and sort of like a right of passage.  The app will work like an Instagram type platform that features and shares users pictures of grilling online.  Users can then like, share, and post pictures with others.  The app will feature various promotions and a contest for users with the most likes. 


 We wanted to ensure that the modern feel of the social media sharing app and the pride of grilling was emphasized in the final logo design.   We designed the logo by using a custom font that included the flame on the "i" to emphasize the grilling aspect of the app. These distinct customizations help create a memorability factor to the logo that default fonts could not inherently create.  The imagery is of a modern "hipster man" that is taking a picture of his grilling pride. The silver, yellow/orange, and reds, were all based on colors you find on grilling grates, and in flames.  The use of the assigned color pallet and stylized photos are used throughout the branding to unify the brand. 

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Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 9.27.07 PM.png
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