Preparing a Dish





ROLE: Design Lead + Art Direction

AGENCY: Engler Design





Was approached by St. Croix County to help them with a campaign aimed to help food inspectors for the county educate and inform restaurants about the big 4 in food safety.  The goal of the project was to create a custom logo and infographic that would be turned into a  sticker, that could be placed around the kitchen, food prep areas, and handwashing stations around the restaurant. The final product was a 4 color printed sticker with a removable backside that turned into a flyer that explained talking points of the big four guidelines to food safety. 

Education Elements


The project eventually turned into additional assets that could be used as educational tools for the county to use. Graphic elements were put into info-graphics and additional individual elements were created so the county could use them in further projects such as videos or websites.  A PowerPoint template was created and additional supplemental classroom items were also created.